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The aim of the group is to meet regularly in order to share, inspire, start, continue, finish any type of craft project (knitting, crochet, sewing etc).

We will encourage each other and challenge ourselves with these projects.

Don’t worry if you can’t come to the meetings, just sign up to join in the fun.

Feel free to start a new discussion or ask for help…. that’s what we’re here for.

What’s your top Make, Do and Mend tip? Please share.

We need your help to get people talking……..Sign up today & become part of the community.

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First meeting

(click on me to visit the web site)

Well the first meeting is done & what a success it was…… thanks to everyone who joined in the fun!
I was hoping for 10 people but we got 16…..excellent!! Let’s hope it grows & grows….

Here’s some snaps I took…… sorry I think I had a thing about the horrible walls as they take up much of the photo! (Kimbo, I need your help!!!)

Didn’t we all have fun……….. Hope you all enjoyed it & look forward to seeing you all on 2nd March……..don’t forget to tell your friends.

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1st Meeting & New web site


Thanks for dropping by.

Our first meeting will be Tuesday 9th February & then the first Tuesday of every month.
We meet at Exeter Phoenix between 6-9pm…….. £2.50 – tea & coffee provided, drinks & food available from the cafe bar.
Drop in for an hour or stay all evening the choice is yours.
The aim of the group is to learn or teach new crafts or just spend time with fellow crafters of all ages.

Do you have a unfinished project in your cupboard??

Bring it along……we can help you finish it.

We do have practice wool, knitting needles & crochet hooks so you can have a go and I’m hoping to get some very simple kits in time.

Come along for the first meeting….no need to make anything, just come for a chat to find out what it’s about.

Don’t live in the Exeter area???

Not a problem……. become a member of the new craft forum

Make, Do and Mend

This is a web site for everyone… update it, ask questions, answer polls etc.
Don’t forget you can add events to the calender….local craft fairs, other craft groups (in other area’s of course!!!)

We need people to start using it to get the community going.

Unlike Ravelry or Craftster it’s a very small community so it’s more personal.
Don’t worry if you think your question is to simple……we’re here to help!

Look forward to hearing from you or meeting you on the 9th February.