• June 2011

     Thanks to everyone who came & joined us in crocheting apple cosies
    Unfortunately we only managed to finish 2 cosies
    Caroline    ~      Louise
    Once again we discovered that crochet is not the easiest of crafts!!
    But there were lots of other things happening
    More poppy making for the Poppy Appeal 
    Margaret was even doing a bit of Tatting, here’s a closer look
    It’s always good to see young people joining in. Emily made this for her Brownie craft badge
    Would you be interested in attend a basic crochet evening? Learning all the basic stitches.
    Maxium of 6 people so I can spend more time with you all. Same time, same place….. day might change. Cost will be £12 each, materials will be inculded plus refreshments. Why not group book with your friends….. email me for more information
    Back soon with information on our July meeting….. pop it in your diary & book tickets online today!
    See you on the 5th
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