September Meeting……………….

Our September meeting of Make, Do and Mend will be all about knitting….
come & join us for BIG KNIT

Can’t knit? Don’t worry we’ll teach you! Don’t want to Knit? No problem, just bring your craft project as normal.
The hats are quick & easy to knit……..patterns, wool & needles supplied but please being your own if possible.

Prizes to be won so don’t miss out!
Starting in September we’ll have a different tutorial every month. Held in a private room we provide tea, coffee & biscuits, £3 entrance. Feel free to pop in at anytime, stay for an hour or all evening it’s up to you….

This meeting will finish at 10pm to give us chance to knit more lovely hats for a good cause.

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Come & join the gang to knit hats to help the original Make, Do and Menders!!!

Summer Outing

So Saturday evening the Make, Do and Maker’s headed here for our Summer outing.
Now unfortunately due to other commitments there were only 3 of us but hey we had a great time!!!
We arrived to find Union Jack bunting outside the pub & all the windows blacked out……entering it hit us how dark it was! (You have been warned!) Taking our seats we could see many people had made the effort to dress up & there wasn’t a light in sight….candles everywhere.
We received our ration books for the food….
The food was excellent & I’ve discovered I like Spam! The best bit had to be the desserts….spotted dick & custard, Victoria sponge or scones with jam & cream!
Helen looking very stern!
Now it’s very hard to take photo’s in the dark……we tried lots of time with or without the flash but the flash made us look like frightened bunny rabbits!
Mrs Lewis & her char lady!
Penny looking very much of the era.
We met a lovely men complete with his medals, he took a shine to Penny & ended up seeing more then he should!!! We 3 should not wear dresses!
As I said it was a great night….the music was fantastic & has certainly given me ideas for the Make, Do and Mend group…..but I think I’ll leave the bombs!
I really hope they do another, maybe next time the whole gang can come.
Our next meeting will be Tuesday 7th September……more info to come next week.
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In the meantime…..
Please note that from September 7th the entrance fee will now be £3.
Apologies for this but VAT has now been added to the room hire.

Future plans…..

Welcome to the new web site, the craft forum is no more…….from now on all the information you need will be here or Facebook

Tuesday night was our 7th meeting….

Lots of lovely things being made.

On Saturday we have the Make, Do and Menders summer outing….

 More information here

We have some exciting plans for future meetings…. the next one is Tuesday 7th September….. it’s all about knitting. Want to learn??? Please pop along & join the gang.

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